Working from home?

With the Coronavirus continuing to spread, many businesses are asking their employees to work from home. Not everyone has a home office or dedicated desk that they can use to set up their computer equipment correctly.

So here are some simple steps you can take to help optimise your posture and improve your comfort when working at home for you to try. If you need more information, or a bespoke home visit from one of our chartered physiotherapists (in compliance with PPE) please call for more information.
Ergonomic image - Position your laptop so the top of the screen is level with your eye height.

1. Work at a desk or table with adequate knee/foot clearance so that you can sit/stand close to your laptop.

2. Use a separate keyboard and mouse with your laptop.

3. Position the keyboard and mouse directly in front of you within easy reach.

4. Position your laptop so that the top of the screen is level with your eye height. If you don’t have a laptop riser, use a box file or some books to raise your laptop. Or plug in a separate monitor if you have one.

5. If sitting, use an adjustable chair. Use a rolled-up hand towel for extra lower back support, if needed. If your chair is too low, sit on a cushion to raise your seat height.