Cath is a nutritional coach, detoxification support specialist and guest blogger/ feature writer in all things nutritious and delicious. 

With over 8 years of training and experience in the world of nutrition, she passionately believes that good health starts with a good diet, and her philosophy is to “Eat Clean, Think Smart and Be Healthful”. 

This forms the backbone of her nutritional masterclasses and one to one work with clients; helping others to clean up their diet, think about what specific nutritional requirements their body needs depending upon individual health concerns, and how to make the necessary changes to move into a healthier lifestyle. 

Having used great nutritional food in her own health recovery, she can empathise with anyone looking to make changes to their diet, but who struggle knowing where to start or how to do it. Her aim is to inspire, inform and motivate others in the benefits of making small changes to their diet to benefit their overall health.