At Whitley Bay Clinic we have qualified staff to deliver personal training packages and/or bespoke pilates. This can be done in conjunction with a course of physiotherapy or independently.

Pilates is a type of exercise used to improve your body’s strength, stability and posture. Pilates exercises are gentle, progressive, challenging and performed slowly with good postural alignment at all times. The exercises work on strengthening the stabilising muscles, which lie close to and support the spine. This creates the solid cylinder around the central spine, helping to prevent shearing forces being applied to the vertebrae, ligaments and discs.

A one to one session allows specific exercise selection & adaptation customised to individual’s needs which a group session is unable to do. It is ideal for:

  • People returning to or starting exercise for the first time
  • People with back pain as an adjunct to physiotherapy
  • Individuals wishing to improve balance, stability & movement control
  • Improving posture
  • Maintaining core strength whilst injured or unable to train
  • Ante & Post natal exercise

Pilates is delivered by Jill.