Here at Whitley Bay Clinic we believe that no-one should feel limited by joint pain, which is why we are proud to offer Ostenil® injections.


What are Ostenil® injections?

Ostenil ® injections are designed to provide long-term relief in Osteoarthritis (OA). They help decrease pain and stiffness and improve the other symptoms of OA and can be used in the knee, or in any of the other joints in the body that are classified as ‘synovial’.

Ostenil Range How does it work?

Ostenil ® is a solution containing carefully chosen hyaluronic acid. It is injected into the space in the joint that contains synovial fluid and works by restoring the normal balance between the breakdown and production of hyaluronic acid – a procedure known as ‘viscosupplementation’. This process results in increasing the effectiveness of the fluid within the joint by reducing the friction and acting as a lubricant and shock absorber.

Knee Injection with Ostenil Plus

What to Expect?

If you decide to have treatment with Ostenil®, it will be injected directly into the joint affected by Osteoarthritis. This will be done once a week for 3 weeks until you have had 3 injections. After each injection, you’re advised not to exercise or carry out heavy work for a couple of days.

You will probably not notice any benefits immediately after the first injection, but you should gradually start to feel less pain and stiffness over the next few weeks. The improvement in your symptoms should last for several months, depending partly on the number of injections you have. You can expect the benefit from 3 injections to persist for up to 12 months depending on the progression of the degenerative change in the joint being treated.

Once the effects of the first course of injections wear off, you can, if you choose, have another or you can elect to have a single “top up” injection on an annual basis.


Our Experience

Here at Whitley Bay Clinic our Director, Lisa Crowther, is registered to administer Ostenil® injections to patients on-site at the practice. Lisa has over 15 years of experience in joint injection since completing her Master’s degree and achieving a Diploma in Injection Therapy at Keele University in 2005.

Since her training, Lisa has delivered steroid injections to a large number of patients whilst working in the NHS and has since successfully treated many patients with Ostenil® across a range of different joints.

Since learning about Ostenil®, Lisa has found it is a suitable alternative to steroid injections and says:

“During my time working in the NHS, I administered steroid injections for many years. Since learning about the unknown long-term side effects of injecting steroids into joints I haven’t delivered any further steroid injections and have been waiting for a drug like Ostenil® to come along. It’s a fantastic drug that has no side effects whilst providing patients with long-term pain relief that allows them to complete the exercises given to them in physiotherapy and remain an active lifestyle.”


Frequently Asked Questions:


Are there any side effects?

Ostenil ® has been given to thousands of patients and has not been found to cause any serious side effects. The hyaluronic acid in Ostenil ® is very pure and is manufactured using a process called fermentation. It contains no animal proteins, which means that it is very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Which joints are suitable?

Any joint classified as a synovial joint is eligible for Ostenil ® injections. A synovial joint is one in which the ends of the bones are enclosed in a capsule containing a thick, slippery liquid called synovial fluid. This includes: Knee, Ankle, Shoulder, Big toe and the Thumb.

Are these injections available on the NHS?

Ostenil® is not commonly used within the NHS but has been used privately and within sports medicine for many years with great results.

How long will the pain of the injections last after treatment?

The injections are likely to cause slight discomfort which should disappear after a few days of recovery. It is recommended that you have 3 days to rest the joint after each injection in order to achieve the best long-term results. We are happy to arrange the appointments for a day and time that is most convenient for you.

Am I suitable for this treatment?

To discuss your suitability for this treatment, call us on: 07853 278 964 and we will be happy to help!

For information on cost, please visit our pricings page!



“As a self-employed kitchen fitter I have been troubled with pain in both knees for many years. I’ve been through the NHS and I know I will need both knees replaced one day but I’m simply not ready to have this done yet. I spoke to Lisa about having a course of injections and we planned the course of treatment for 3 consecutive Fridays so I didn’t need to take any time off work. I felt relief following the initial injections and by the third round I could feel a big difference. My injections finished 2 months ago. I’m having very little trouble with my knees at work and have started training with the vets rugby lads again. Thank you so much Lisa.” – Gavin

“I was struggling with pain in my shoulder since a bad fall last year. I tried physiotherapy but still needed painkillers if I wanted to do more physical work (gardening, cleaning for example). I asked Lisa about Ostenil® injections and researched the outcomes. I am delighted with the results. I haven’t had paracetamol since the last injection and I can now lie on my right side at night.” – Pauline

“I came to see Lisa in October with pain in my left knee. The GP had x-rays organised and I have wear and tear (Osteoarthritis). At first, I was devastated, and I had a family ski holiday booked for January. After talking to Lisa, I agreed to a course of Ostenil® and I haven’t looked back since. The injections weren’t painful, and I just rested from the gym for the 3 days after each one. I am thrilled with the result and we had a fantastic ski holiday without pain. Thank you Lisa, you have given me my confidence back to move forward and live a full life with this condition.” – Gail